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A series of video conversations about the improvisations of life

In this series, MaryAnn will reflect with a variety of people on the joys, challenges and perplexities of life, and how improvisation helps see us through.

Some of them are "church people"... but many are not.
Some of them are students of improv... but some are not. 
And yet all of them tackle the trials of life with a spirit of Yes-And.

To receive the whole series as they’re released, subscribe to my email newsletter. There are 12 in the series, about 4-10 minutes each--perfect bite-sized pieces for reflection.

Are you part of a small group? Book club? Sunday School class? Each video will be accompanied by questions and exercises, plus scripture suggestions for Christian groups. If you're studying God, Improv, and the Art of Living, I will include ideas for connecting the Living Improv videos with the book, but they also stand alone.

As a sample... here's Monkeys and Sloths, part of a conversation with Tim Hughes Williams, pastor of Light Street Church in Baltimore. (You’ll see him twice more in the series.)

What do we do when life doesn't go according to plan? Sometimes when we improvise, we find ourselves in a whole different country.