My Friends Make Stuff

I've got two books on my nightstand that I hope you'll add to yours... they're even more meaningful to me because I know both of the authors!


First: Patrice Gopo's All the Colors We Will See: Reflections on Barriers, Brokenness, and Finding Our Way is available for pre-order. I met Patrice at a Collegeville Institute writing workshop last summer, and was touched by her warm spirit and sharp, elegant prose. The book is a series of essays from her experience as a child of Jamaican immigrants, who grew up in Alaska, and later traveled to South Africa. They now live in Charlotte. This is a book about race, immigration, identity, nationality... everything we need to be talking about right now. But it's told through a personal lens, which makes it both intriguing and relatable. 


Second, Chris Holmes's The Art of Coaching Clergy: A Handbook for Church Leaders, Clergy, and Coaches. OK, maybe this will only make it onto certain nightstands, but if you fall into any of those categories, this is one to check out. Chris led my coach training last year and I value his wisdom and guidance so much as I dig into this emerging vocation. I do find myself coaching a lot of clergy (and writers!) Coaching is a powerful modality for ministry, because it provides tools for walking alongside and helping people churn their way to solutions, action, and accountability. It gets people MOVING, in other words, not in a top-down way, but in a playful, exploratory, client-driven way. I'll be honest: I love it when a client says "Good question... I never considered it like that." But I really love it when that conversation leads the person to action in a way that deepens a sense of faithfulness, purpose, and joy. Looking forward to digging into this book.

What's on your nightstand?