Ten for Tuesday

Back from an amazing vacation in Colorado, so let's get right to it, shall we? (Note: more than ten this week!)


Wisdom for people with...

...imposter syndrome?

...FOBO? (fear of better options)

...more books than you could ever read? (Raising hand)



Women being awesome, including:

The first female duo working together in a pit crew in a NASCAR race, including the first African-American woman in a pit crew. (What took so long?) 

- The women driving the digital revolution... in the Arab world.

- Artist-philanthropist Carrie Mae Weems, who gave away millions to artists anonymously, until now.

- Serena Williams, whose trick for facing negativity is to be too busy for it. Darn right. (This being from Elle magazine, there's also some stuff in there about beauty products, so be advised if that's not your thang.)




How America uses its land: an interactive tool. tl;dr -- there's a lot of cattle involved.

And how about a little law of unintended consequences?

For hotel guests who care more about saving water and electricity than they do about clean towels and a freshly scrubbed tub, opting out of housekeeping seems like the right thing to do. The incentives offered to some of those who decline cleaning services — rewards points, restaurant discounts, even having a tree planted — make it even more enticing.

But the housekeepers who would otherwise be cleaning these rooms, many of them immigrants, say the increasingly popular programs are cutting into their livelihoods by reducing their hours, making their schedules more erratic, and — ironically — making their jobs harder. That’s because rooms that go without housekeeping for several days are often a wreck — trash piled up, shower doors coated in gunk, crumbs in the carpet, and hair everywhere.



A restaurant takes on the opioid crisis one worker at a time.

Preschoolers left a note on an abandoned tree... and people responded. As my brother likes to say, "People can be so dope sometimes." 

The road to Maccu Picchu starts at 385 pounds. A wonderful travel essay that's about more than travel. 

Finally, did you know that improv can help with anxiety? (And hey, there's a book for that.)

Have a great week!