Ten for Tuesday


See #10 below…

See #10 below…

Been a long while since I did a link-ariffic post… so I’ve got quite the backlog. Here’s a quick list of stuff that has interested/challenged/delighted me recently:

  1. The website Buy Me Once only stocks items that have a lifetime guarantee. What a nice way to make a small impact in our disposable society.

  2. Did you catch the recent comments from Bill Maher about how we need to bring back fat shaming? (James Corden had a response that was complicated but thoughtful. Also funny.) This article suggests that fat stigma has become a bigger problem than fat itself. (And the former contributes to the latter.)

  3. I see trigger warnings everywhere these days, but studies suggest they may not help.

  4. My friend and colleague Jan Edmiston contemplates the racist bones in her body. (Mine too…)

  5. I’m late to Anthony Bourdain’s work, but recently listened to Kitchen Confidential. Audiobook is the right mechanism for his stuff, methinks. His voice is singular. Here’s a lovely tribute to the late genius of food and humanity.

  6. Here’s one on the politics of carrying purses… and who ends up cleaning up messes as a result.

  7. But the real enemy of women is not the purse. It’s the lack of time for ourselves.

  8. Art Spiegelman reminds us that the golden age of superheroes corresponded with the rise of fascism. FYI.

  9. So many of us read children’s books as adults. It’s a wistful thing.

  10. And on a whimsical note: this runner uses his GPS maps to construct elaborate art with his running routes.