A Poem for iPhone Users in Cold Weather

I wrote this two winters ago... was reminded of it again this morning when it was chilly enough to put on gloves: I was curled up by the Christmas tree with Oprah’s magazine When there among her Favorite Stuff was a thing I’d never seen. A pair of gloves for iPhone users—featuring a dot Of rubber on the index finger… I cried, “They must be bought!”

But in my haste I threw that ‘zine on the recycle pile And when I went to find those gloves, it took me quite a while. I never did locate the things, despite some time with Google, I searched and searched, and then gave up on that whole sad bon-doogle.

Until last night, when running errands, driving in the cold I slipped my gloves on and discovered a gigantic hole. I stared down at my pasty thumb, its wiggliness poked through, And thought, “Aha! I’ve finally got my iPhone gloves! Woo-hoo!”


I also received some knit gloves last year from Mom that are kinda like this.