A Snippet of Not Getting It

It was a great week at Preacher Camp. After four years of meeting, we're in a really nice groove, the weather in Austin was stellar, and things just clicked. I paced myself pretty well since I was determined not to come home exhausted (Robert's only request of me when I attend these things), but any restfulness was eradicated by having to put one of our beloved cats to sleep yesterday. Worst. Mother's Day. Ever. I've spent the morning in bed.

Still getting back in the swing of things but wanted to share this:

We had a checkin time on the first morning there. I was telling folks about the Sabbath book and offering to come to their churches when it comes out, to speak/lead a workshop/hawk books.

Someone asked, "Do you do birthday parties?"

I said, "Well, I don't juggle, but yeah, whatever."

Turns out she was asking whether we do kid birthday parties on the Sabbath.


We all had a good laugh, as I pictured myself with a clown wig and peddling my wares.

And I was reminded of the note that my admin assistant left me last year: "So-and-so called and wants you to speak at her bachelorette!" I was trying to understand what kind of weird pre-wedding debauchery would involve A Word from the Clergy. When I mentioned it to my admin she said, "Oh, yeah, I don't know how to spell. It's a baccalaureate."