BBT on Sabbath

One of my major areas of interest (personally and professionally) is Sabbath-keeping. Since this trip is a sort of extended Sabbath experience, I've collected some quotes and thoughts about the topic to share while I'm away. Ah, the miracle of scheduled posts... Here's a quote from Barbara Brown Taylor from her incredible book An Altar in the World:

The great Swiss theologian Karl Barth wrote, ‘A being is free only when it can determine and limit its activity.’ By that definition, I have a hard time counting many free beings among my acquaintance. I know people who can do five things at once who are incapable of doing nothing. I know people who can decide what to do without being able to do less of it. Since I have been one of these people, I know that saying no is a more difficult spiritual practice than tithing, praying on a cold stone floor, or visiting a prisoner on death row.

Photo: a large cairn on top of Dun I in Iona, which always comes to mind with BBT's book title, An Altar in the World.