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Blog salad: a little of this, a handful of that, with some Catalina poured on top. OK, no Catalina. I'm more of a Goddess fan.

Make of that comment what you will.



Every year I get ticked that Holy Week is also spring break. This year I decided, to heck with it, we're going to do SOMETHING. So this weekend we rented a cabin at Pohick Bay, a beautiful regional park (comparable to a state park) that's 15 minutes from our house.

Yes, the pastor had a getaway. On Easter weekend.

I normally get stressed over all the details of The Big Day, but this time I decided, I could either be at home the day before, miserably obsessing over everything, or our family could do something that takes advantage of the fact that we have only one service on Easter, people step up beautifully to make it happen, and it's not at the crack of dawn. So Easter morning we woke up and drove to our house to get all Sundayed up for the festivities, which included a continental breakfast before worship and an egg hunt after. I had everything ready to go beforehand, including the bulletins that I'd had printed in color that we folded over breakfast.

Church itself was great---there were flower-arranging people and banner-hanging people and breakfast-setup people and choir people and egg hunt people, all doing their thing. It was one of those mornings when I couldn't imagine wanting to do anything else with my life.

After church we returned to the cabin for Sunday and Monday. We had a wonderful time---campfire, cookout, mini golf, playground, boating:

The "rustic" cabins are only called that because they have no bathroom, but those are an easy walk to get to. The cabins sleep six, are sturdy and cute, and have a microwave and small fridge.

And a porch swing. Who'da thought that a porch swing would provide so much entertainment for our children.

If you live in NoVA (and even if you don't) and would like a step up from tent camping, I highly recommend the cabins at Pohick Bay.


Tiny News

I like to call the church "Tiny" on this blog, but the fact is, we're not all that tiny. And we're a lot less tiny than we were when I started there. We'll be receiving new members again at the end of the month, and are planning a confirmation class soon.

We have a banner stand in front of our church building, which is located on a busy street. Now that the Easter banner is coming down, we need a new one. We're in a bit of a lull in terms of specific activities to publicize, so I'm considering a "come grow with us" kind of message. I want to convey that we're small but vibrant and things are happening. I've heard small churches say that they're "small enough to know you, large enough to serve you." But I don't like that because a church is not a service organization like the Jiffy Lube. We are a place where people come in order to serve the world.

Any ideas on how to convey that in just a few words?


Multi-media MA

A big thank you to David Lose, who is a bigshot because he presents at the Ultimate Fighting Championship of Preaching. David recently linked to my video about the mainline church, and it came back to me via two separate friends today.

Also, just a reminder that you can hear my sermons by subscribing on iTunes (Idylwood Presbyterian) or clicking here. This past weekend was a first---I forgot to stop recording after the sermon ended, so you get the affirmation of faith and a few lines of the hymn. Oops. I kinda preached my guts out on Sunday, so I guess it stands to reason I'd forget to fiddle with the iPhone.


And finally...

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