Blue Room Bookshelf: Jacqueline Woodson's Brown Girl Dreaming

jpeg I'm three books into this 2015 reading challenge. Feel free to follow along at the GoodReads shelf I've created.

My latest is Jacqueline Woodson's memoir, Brown Girl Dreaming. I love her picture book Show Way (and have used it in retreats), so I've been excited about this one for a while. Woodson writes this one in verse, simple yet lovely.

Here's a favorite piece---I actually used it in my sermon in South Carolina on Sunday about the baptism of Jesus and what it means to be called "beloved."

Some Fridays, we walk to downtown Greenville where there are some clothing stores, some restaurants, a motel and the five-and-dime store but my grandmother won’t take us into any of those places anymore. Even the five-and-dime, which isn’t segregated now but where a woman is paid, my grandmother says, to follow colored people around in case they try to steal something. We don’t go into the restaurants because they always seat us near the kitchen. When we go downtown, we go to the fabric store, where the white woman knows my grandmother from back in Anderson, asks, How’s Gunnar doing and your girls in New York? She rolls fabric out for my grandmother to rub between her fingers. They discuss drape and nap and where to cinch the waist on a skirt for a child.  At the fabric store, we are not Colored  or Negro. We are not thieves or shameful  or something to be hidden away.  At the fabric store, we’re just people.

What are you reading these days?