Come Improvise with Us!

medium_8530232642 I've written and presented a good bit about the theology and practice of improvisation. To be precise, I've thought and read a lot about the theology of it, and am still a real amateur of the latter. Yet it's one of the best metaphors for life that this recovering control freak has stumbled upon.

Starting in February I'll be embarking on a major improvisation. I am leaving my post as pastor of Tiny Church in order to focus my vocational energies on writing, speaking to churches and groups, and doing some writing/editing consulting work for a non-profit or two. This is my attempt to say "yes-and" to this work I've been doing for the past couple of years--work that continues to deepen, widen, and beckon.

While there is great joy in this new endeavor, the path is not clear. I don't have a ten-year plan or even a ten-month plan. Yes, there will be lots of thought and intention going into this new chapter, but my hope is to be open and flexible to learnings and opportunities as they arise.

But I need practice in this. I need to hone my improvisational chops. And DC-area folk, you're invited! Here's an invitation from Ashley Goff, a friend and co-conspirator on this improvisational journey. From Facebook:

Church of the Pilgrims is hosting an all-day intensive on the practice of improv on January 20th from, roughly, 9:30-3pm. The intensive will be led by my improv-guru, Andrew Wassenich. Why an all-day intensive on improvisation? Life is improv. The work of Jesus was improv. The Holy Spirit is improv. The Church has a lot to learn about improv. We will spend the day engaging in improv games, Bible study using improv techniques, and group/personal reflection on what improv unlocks within us. Perfect for Epiphany. Cost is $50 and lunch is included. Space is limited. Connect with me via FB comment, FB message, or email.

Get in touch with me if you're interested; we'd love to have you.

And to read more of my writings about improv, here you go. Or join the Theology of Improv Facebook group.


photo credit: daintytime via photopin cc Ashley has worked with the talented Sherri Lynn, whose work is pictured.