Coming Soon: Sabbath Supplementals!

Not *that* kind of sabbath. Many of you have requested or downloaded the discussion guide for Sabbath in the Suburbs.

First, thank you so very much for your interest and support.

Second, I'd love your feedback on that discussion guide for a new project in the works...

My publisher and I are creating some enhanced materials for groups that will roll out in the fall. These "Sabbath Supplementals" will include a retreat plan or two, some devotional-type material that groups can use to open their meetings, and about half a dozen short videos (2-3 minutes) that expand on some of the themes in the book.

If you used the discussion guide and are willing, please email me with any comments on the experience. What was helpful, and what did you want more of? Were there specific topics that you wanted to see clarified/expanded?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Incidentally, if you're interested in being notified when these materials become available, please sign up for my email newsletter, sent once a month and usually less often ;-)

Thanks so much... and peace!