Friday Christmas Eve-Eve Link Love

I send you into the weekend with just three links: ~

Three Christmas Gifts -- Faith and Leadership

My friend Sherry gives her kids three Christmas gifts, because "it was good enough for Jesus!" We've adopted that practice, although Santa helps us fudge things sometimes.

I like the way this author breaks it down:

At a retreat on Christian life, I heard Susan V. Vogt describe a wonderful tradition suggested in her book “Raising Kids Who Will Make a Difference: Helping Your Family Live with Integrity, Value, Simplicity, and Care for Others.” A parent of four kids herself and a counselor and family life educator, she had tried her own experiments with gift giving, eventually settling on a simple yet elegant plan: she and her husband give each of their children only three gifts for Christmas -- a “heart’s desire,” a piece of clothing and “something to grow on.”


Structure v. Interaction -- Church as Art

Troy is one of my favorite people in the world. He recently wrote this post in response to a question I posed about how to move a traditional congregation into some creative directions in worship.


In Africa, the Art of Listening -- New York Times

Once again with the power of story.

May you have opportunity to hear and tell powerful stories in the days to come, and in the year that awaits us.