Friday Link Love

Some items that caught my fancy this week: Bumper Crop on the NYC Taxi Farm

I love the Improvised Life blog. It's bursting with creative miscellany. This post is about cab drivers in New York who planted a garden on a little strip of space in the Bronx near the place where they wait for fares. Wonderful.


The Daily Rind, A Better Way to Plan the Day

An interesting, graphical way to plot out the events of the day, using a circle motif instead of linear list. It's like Daytimer Meets Mind Map. I haven't put this technique into practice, and might not, because what I do works fine. But the other day I did find myself visualizing the day's action items in this manner.


On Time Travel, Love and Changing the Past

Pete Rollins does a philosophical riff on Back to the Future as only he can.


Carrie Newcomer: Writing from the Spiritual Well

I've been following Carrie's music for 15 years now, and she doesn't give a whole lot of interviews. This is a good one. Carrie is probably responsible for my being a secret Quaker at heart.


Disaster Tolerance

If you don't read Seth Godin, why not? He's always interesting, even when he's way out there. This one could have been written for the 21st century church.


And finally, it's 12 days until the Wild Goose Festival, and I can't wait. Read about it here.

It's been an interesting few weeks. Lots of processing about life, vocation, the pastor/writing balance, etc. This internal work isn't related to any decision per se---I really like being Tiny Church's pastor, I feel called to it, and have no plans to leave. And I've got some excellent irons in the fire writing-wise. Life is trucking along, actually. Just a lot of questions swirling, turning up the earth so things can be planted. (Methinks the milestone birthday that's looming approaching in six months is a factor.)

And as I've done this wrestling and contemplation, I've been very aware that this this festival of art *music * spirituality * justice is auspiciously timed. You might say eerily timed. The groundwork is laid. Something's going to happen there, I just don't know what it is. It's exciting, but when life's "trucking along" in a comfortable way, it's also an unsettling feeling: "Dangit, Jesus, you're gonna do one of Those Things You Do, aren't you?" prayers. Eh, I hate when that happens. All you can do is buckle up.