Friday Link Love

TONS of links this week! ~

Grains of Sand Magnified 250 Times

Beautiful stuff. (see right, click the link for more)


Five Ridiculously Easy Ways to Unblock Writer's Block

I especially like "From A to B in 5 Semantic Fractures."


Soldier Leaves Much Bigger Legacy Than 'He Was Gay' -- CNN

Lovely story about Andrew Wilfahrt, who is first known gay soldier killed in war since the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell."


Anne Lamott: The Habit of Practice: Faith and Leadership

What do you do when perfectionism, vanity, self-loathing and projecting are wearing you down? The writer talks about what she has learned from tennis, faith and writing to deal with these "demons."


Looking Back and Moving Forward--Gathering Voices

I panicked in the middle of Puget Sound, breathing heavily, shaking erratically, shoveling warm pieces of salami and pecorino into my mouth before I passed out.

Erin's post touches on a lot of the same stuff I was feeling/thinking on the mountain.


And some audio/videos:

A "Modesty Manifesto"--David Brooks

Audio of Brooks at the Aspen Ideas Festival (how did you get that gig, BTW?). Brooks starts about 6 minutes in and deals with "modesty and how a lack of it is making it much more difficult to solve our nation's problems." I found myself quibbling with some of his ideas and stats but he makes a compelling case.


Beautiful Oops--Barney Saltzberg (YouTube)

Love this whimsical book! Such a sweet way to think about the "oopses" in our lives.


Taking Imagination Seriously: Janet Echelman (TED)

Janet's art is luminous and beautiful and (in keeping with the link above) came out of an "oops."


Pete Rollins at the Wild Goose Festival

"I would love to see communities which are more like the singer-songwriter, where the liturgical space reflects our suffering in a way that we can confront our brokenness, confront our darkness, work through it, and give it the space to breathe. Because if we do not give it space, it will come out in other ways. It will come out in hatred of ourselves or hatred of others."

We missed this presentation Sunday morning because we got on the road early. Nice to have a chance to see it. I am a hopeless Rollins groupie.