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Street Signs, Made Better

These are street signs that have been vandalized upgraded in creative ways. A few favorites are on the right.


Christians Need a Ramadan

I wish Christians had Ramadan.   I think we’d be stronger, more faithful, more joyful, and better off for it.

We are all orienting our lives around something.  We are being habituated in ways that either bring life or death, or maybe something in between, like apathy.    It might surprise many of us to discover that the first Christians around Jesus called themselves The Way.     Being a Christian was about living in a certain way that was distinguishable from other ways.  It might surprise many of us to discover that Sharia, the law for Muslims so often used pejoratively in America, also means The Way.

Have we lost our way when we reduce Christianity to a belief?

Umm, yes?


Speaking of our Muslim friends:

A Fascinating Look at the Political Views of Muslim Americans

Muslim Americans are more likely than Christians or Jews to believe that targeting and killing civilians is never justified, whether it is done by the military or an individual. Put another way, Christians and Jews are more comfortable with civilians being targeted and killed by a wide margin.



Two links from the Happiness Project site:

Reading Suggestions for Young Adult Literature 

I enjoy YA novels but always forget about this genre when I'm procuring books.


Make Something by Hand

I do so much thinking/head work that I find it energizing to tinker with hand-made stuff, whether it's paper beads (which I made the other night while BFF and I talked late into the evening) or something in the kitchen.


And finally, I already linked to this on Facebook, but how about this for unbridled joy (pun intended)? 60 Awesome Portraits of Gay Couples Just Married in New York

Now does that look like the fall of Western Civilization to you?

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