Friday Link Love

How did it get to be the last day of September? Oy. The 10 Best Amazon Reviews. Ever.

On a listing for Uranium Ore, Kyle J. Von Bose gave it 5 stars, "glad" that he doesn't "have to buy this from Libyans in parking lots at the mall anymore."

You get the idea. Hilarity.


What Does It Feel Like to Fly Over Planet Earth? (YouTube)



The Global Adaptation Index

Which countries are best prepared to weather the effects of climate change? Kinda interesting.


And for the churchy among us...

To Lectionary or Not To Lectionary? (Christian Century)

I haven't abandoned the lectionary altogether---I like it in Advent and Lent---but I preach sermon series more often than not. This article is a good explanation of why.

Now I know that one of the arguments for why the lectionary should be used is that it forces us to have to cover texts we otherwise would not preach on. But, since there are always at least four selections, most of the time I could avoid some troublesome texts, and have found that most preachers do as well.


Five Cultural Shifts That Should Affect the Way We Do Church (Duke Divinity "Call and Response" blog)

Good article, particularly dealing with trends affecting young adults, from my friend and fellow Writing Rev, Carol Howard Merritt.