Friday Link Love

Let's get right to it. This week's links:

Fred Shuttlesworth, Civil Rights Leader (Huffington Post)

Let's not let the good Rev.'s story be lost in all the outpouring over Steve Jobs. Shuttlesworth was the real deal who put his body on the line for the gospel, and for the cause of justice (which I'd argue aren't that different).

Well done, good and faithful servant.


The Day After the Birthday (theskyislaughing)

My friend S, an incredible writer, ruminates on her daughter Selam's birthday and the questions Selam carries with her all the time about her birth mother. It's a full, complicated, fragile and lovely thing.

(Read her FAQ too. It's great.)


Structured Procrastination (John Perry)

Perry won a well-deserved Ig Nobel for his work on structured procrastination. It's one of the better lifehacks I've read:

I have been intending to write this essay for months. Why am I finally doing it? Because I finally found some uncommitted time? Wrong. I have papers to grade, textbook orders to fill out, an NSF proposal to referee, dissertation drafts to read. I am working on this essay as a way of not doing all of those things. This is the essence of what I call structured procrastination, an amazing strategy I have discovered that converts procrastinators into effective human beings, respected and admired for all that they can accomplish and the good use they make of time.


The Slow Church (Patheos)

Having recently "traded in" a very active, very busy (and very wonderful) church for another wonderful church with about 1/10 of the meetings and activities, I'm resonating with this relatively new blog.


Personal Best (New Yorker)

Top athletes and singers have coaches. Should you?

I've had coaches and mentors in ministry for years. I think good ones are invaluable. Long but good article.

Have a good weekend.