Friday Link Love

Happy Friday: ~

Hallelujah Chorus -- Quinhagak, Alaska (YouTube)


I can't hear that piece without crying (big sap), and there's something exuberantly wonderful about what this little Alaskan village has done with it.


Leonardo's To-Do List -- Robert Krulwich

Minds that break free, that are compelled to wander, can sometimes achieve more than those of us who are more inhibited, more orderly, the study suggests. Or, as Jonah chose to put it, there are "unexpected benefits of not being able to focus."


Ten Church Models for a New Generation -- Carol Merritt

Neo-monastic communities, art churches, podcast churches... beautiful, generative stuff here. Love it.


Waking Up Our Internal Teacher -- Lines Ballet

This is just a really compelling video. Beautiful dance, interesting words about the creative process.


Why the Second Mile Matters -- Call and Response Blog

Thomas L. Day is an Iraq war veteran, a Catholic, a Penn State graduate and participated in Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile program. In a recent op-ed in the Washington Post, Day names the Penn State fiasco as the final straw to his loss of faith. Age 31, Day has lost faith in the church, the banking system, the court system, the military, the government and all of their public leaders.

Jesus, somewhere around age 30, had a crisis of faith as well. We see his op-ed in Matthew 5:38-42...


How Children's 'Play' is Being Sneakily Re-defined -- Alfie Kohn, Washington Post

The typical American kindergarten now resembles a really bad first-grade classroom. Even preschool teachers are told to sacrifice opportunities for imaginative play in favor of drilling young children until they master a defined set of skills.


Be Thankful for Government -- Daily Kos

A little late for Thanksgiving...

Thanks for the safety of the air we breathed. On Thanksgiving week in 1939, the area where I live was shrouded in a smog so thick that day and night were the same. Street lights glowed in the gloom of noon, and people passed out just walking along their sidewalks. This week we looked out on beautiful blue skies and the only smell in the air was the last autumnal hint of fallen leaves. For that I thank the Clean Air Act signed by John Kennedy in 1963 and the expansions of that law that came later, including the one Nixon had the sense to sign in 1970. I thank that same legislation for the beautiful woodlands out my window, woods that could easily have have died from pollution, acid rain, and disease were it not for the legislation that protects them.

Thankful for you all, dear readers and friends. Have a good weekend...