Friday Link Love

Away we go: ~

Speed Creating -- Dominic Wilcox

I included a link to this earlier in the week, but Wilcox's stuff is so cool I just had to post it in Link Love. Whimsical! Practical! Genius!

At left is the foil bust.


Where Am I? The Middle Class Crisis of Place -- Christianity Today

To exist at all, we must be somewhere. And as embodied creatures, we are implaced in specific contexts. Yet in contemporary culture, this aspect of human existence is threatened by what Bartholomew calls a "crisis of place" created by several elements of our technological society. To fully flourish as human beings—and to flourish as entire communities—Bartholomew argues, we need to recover the lost art of placemaking.

I especially like the spiritual/incarnational practices he suggests to recover a sense of Place.


How "Not Giving a ****" Can Really Help You a Lot -- Improvised Life

Interesting videos with George Carlin and Louis C.K. (one of my favorite comedians) about truth-telling, authenticity and creativity. Obvious warning: both have potty mouths. If that bothers you, don't send me letters clutching your pearls. Just don't watch.


The Illusion of Choice -- An Infographic

The statistics in infographics always needs to be taken with a grain of salt. However, the basic assertion is this: despite a dizzying number of media options today, 90% of what we read, watch or listen to is controlled by just six corporations.


And another graphic, Highways as the London Subway Map -- Good Design

h/t Keith Snyder. I love maps, and this one is especially fun to look at.


I'm off to Big D on Sunday for the NEXT Church conference. I've been so focused on getting my workshop ready that I haven't had a chance to get excited about seeing old friends and getting inspired for ministry. It's going to be great! And if any of you Blue Room readers are coming, be sure and say hello.