Friday Link Love

Tons of stuff today, many of it video. Onward: ~

We are getting a color copier at the church, and it's ridiculous how happy that's making me. I told the session they would have to develop some guidelines for use, otherwise we will have photos and images emblazoned on (and in) every single bulletin.

If I were 38% braver I would use this image on a bulletin cover during Eastertide:

Courtesy of Colossal, as is...


Luminaris: Stop Motion Shadows and Light -- Colossal (video)

I should just save time and link to everything Colossal posts. It's all so fantastic. This short movie is astounding, and I think it'll preach. (Today, the color copier. Tomorrow, the projector and screen.)



Learning to Respect Religion -- Nicholas Kristof

Kristof strikes me as such a good and decent person, and his writing has such dignity. Here he highlights what I'll call the second wave of New Atheists, the ones who don't want to burn the place down:

“The very ritual practices that the New Atheists dismiss as costly, inefficient and irrational turn out to be a solution to one of the hardest problems humans face: cooperation without kinship,” Haidt writes [in his book, The Righteous Mind].

The latest wave of respectful atheist writing strikes me as a healthy step toward nuance. I’ve reported on some of the worst of religion — such as smug, sanctimonious indifference among Christian fundamentalists at the toll of AIDS among gay men — yet I’ve also been awed by nuns and priests risking their lives in war zones. And many studies have found that religious people donate more money and volunteer more time to charity than the nonreligious. Let’s not answer religious fundamentalism with secular fundamentalism, religious intolerance with irreligious intolerance.


Friedman's Theory of Differentiated Leadership Made Simple -- YouTube


Always good to get a refresher. With stick figures.


Is Your Smartphone Making You Less Productive? -- Harvard Business Review Blogs

Spoiler alert: yes. Put the iPhone away for large stretches of time and you will be a better worker. Tuck it into its own little cell phone sleeping bag and live your life. Have Sabbath. Breathe. Eat. Make love. Drink good scotch.

And have a wonderful weekend.