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24 Hours of Photographs -- Colossal

My obligatory Colossal re-post. This is the result of a thirty-hour photo shoot, stitched together.

The round green bit of terra firma in the middle reminds me of the Island in LOST. (I've really had LOST on the brain lately; maybe it's the "writing about pop culture" presentation I went to last week at FFW. Dang, I still miss that show.)


No Red Ink on the Vision Chart -- dmergent

This post is about casting a compelling vision for one's church, and has sparked a twitter conversation that you can read here.

We know that it is not simple to find a vision, but it is just as important to realize when your ministry has lost or been burdened with poor vision. Just as I believed seeing double was normal, many churches and ministries keep going, not realizing they would have a difficult time reading the bottom line on the metaphorical eye chart.

Jan Edmiston had similar thoughts here, "Measuring a Year in the Life of a Church":

What questions would you ask church leaders in order to discern if a congregation is “thriving” spiritually or if a congregation is merely “surviving“?

Here are some off the top of my head:

  • Can you identify an occasion in the last year when the congregation chose faith over fear?  Tell me about it.
  • Is the church living off an endowment or do the tithes and offerings of the congregation cover all expenses?
  • Can you name things your congregation tried that failed in the past year?  (Note:  if you didn’t fail at anything, you probably didn’t try anything new.)
  • Can you name ten people who were spiritually transformed in your congregation in the past year?  What did that look like?


I Learned How to Speak Four Languages in a Few Years -- Lifehacker

OK, I haven't even found time to read this post, so obviously Way Has Not Opened for me to do this. But maybe some of my dear readers will. In the meantime, I have saved this article in Evernote, tagged "bucketlist."


Four Simple Solutions to Everyday Dilemmas -- Improvised Life

Bread bag clips as labels for power cords, a sock over a vacuum nozzle to find small things---I love these tips, even if I have no use for them personally. Urazawa is a new term for me, and I love the art and craft involved in improvising solutions. Robert and I came up with a number of tips and tricks during our year of Sabbath; they're sprinkled in the book under the heading "Sabbath hacks."