Friday Link Love

Some things I enjoyed or found thought-provoking this week: Stephen Colbert Gives Up Catholicism for Lent (video)

"Is this how Unitarians feel all the time?"


What's Your Personality Type... For Play?

For many adults, however, it's surprisingly hard to know how to have more fun. If you don't know what to do for fun, a good question to consider is: What did you do for fun when you were ten years old? Because that's probably something you'd enjoy now, whether walking in the woods, playing with your dog, making things with your hands, taking pictures, playing basketball, or dancing around the living room.

I'm an 8 with a smattering of 5 and 7.


Giving Up a Breast for Lent

Jan Edmiston is always outstanding, but this blog in particular spoke to me.

We randomly give up chocolate and coffee for Lent, but taking up the cross and following Jesus seems to be more about finding the cancers in our lives and giving those up - which is a much bigger deal. Imagine really giving up gossip. Giving up racism. Giving up living for the sake of appearances. So hard.

Jan is moving away soon... I'll miss her so much when she leaves!


The Strangest -- and Maybe Best -- Grilled Cheese You'll Ever Make

Mayo instead of butter? Nuts grated with a microplane? I can't wait to try this one.


What We Can Learn from Procrastination

Great stuff on how our brain works. Special bonus: what's wrong with the Netflix queue and how instant streaming can help.


Songs for Lent

I like this little collection of music, based on the stations of the cross. I wrote off any music labeled as "Christian" a long time ago because I decided I didn't like it musically. Mike Birbiglia understands what I mean... (video). I much preferred to be a sleuth for the Spirit, looking for messages of redemption in so-called "secular" music.

That's still my default position, but I should not be so categorically minded.

Anyway, this stuff is haunting and lovely. Thanks to my friend Troy Bronsink for the recommendation.

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And finally, a request---keep me in your thoughts, prayers, heart, or whatever you've got. My book contract with Chalice Press stipulated that the manuscript would be due next March, but for a variety of reasons I won't get into here, I've moved that up to October. It's very doable, but still: o_O

I've never used that emoticon before. It's a good inaugural use of it.