Friday Link Love

A few items of interest from this week: Quick Q&A with David Wilcox

How excited am I now that I've finally decided to go to the Wild Goose Festival (i.e. Woodstock for Jesus Freaks), and how excited am I that David will be there? This is a nice little interview.

Real job of a musician is to live a life that’s inspiring and worth singing about.

That'll preach.

Grace over Karma: Interview with Bono

Another musician Q&A. This is not a new link, but new to me. A good elaboration of the Gospel According to Bono.

When Stereotypes Sink In

Jonah Lehrer cites numerous studies on how gender stereotyping may lower the number of women in math and science fields. In one study, students watched gender-neutral ads (cell phones, insurance) and ads featuring beautiful women extolling diet sodas:

Women exposed to the gender stereotyping ads were far less interested in anything quantitative. Instead, they were more than twice as likely to choose careers in the verbal and service industry, such as retail, sales and communication. The pattern was reversed, however, in the women who saw neutral ads. They were actually more interested in pursuing quantitative careers. All it took was the absence of a blatant stereotype to increase their interest in math.


10 Things You Need to Do If You Were Fired Yesterday

I have not had to deal with this particular heartbreak personally, but this seemed like a decent list. I post it in case any Blue Room readers are dealing with joblessness.

And one more for fun:

How to Fold a Letter So It Becomes Its Own Envelope

One of my intentions this year is to write more actual paper letters---I was doing about three a month and then Lent hit and I'm letting all my hard work and intentions lie fallow for this season. But this origami will be fun to try when I pick up the letter-writing practice again.

May you be folded and spindled in creative ways this weekend.