Ghosts in the House, Performed by the Dana Children

A few weeks ago, Margaret "read" the book Ghosts in the House to me. You can see it below. Sorry the sound is so quiet---you can turn up the volume after 20 seconds in, which is when I shut up. Transcript appears below the video. [youtube=]

There was a girl who lived at the edge of the town. In a cozy cottage. But there was one problem. The house was HAUNTED! But the girl wasn't just a girl. She was a witch! She knew how to catch ghosts. She continued to catch the ghosts in the house. ~~dramatic pause from technical difficulties~~ How lovely, she said. I hope there are some more! And there were. She continued to catch all the ghosts in the house. She brung them to the kitchen and put them all in the washing machine. Then she hung them out to dry. It was a fine day for drying. Some became nice curtains. Another became a nice tablecloth. The girl was tired after her hard work. She knew what to do with the last two ghosts. And they all lived happily (non-ghostly*!) ever after.

*original midrash by Meg

Fast forward a few weeks: James decided to read me the book today. I think you should be able to figure out what he's saying without subtitles.