Help Two Little Girls Help the Homeless

The week before Thanksgiving, Caroline (age 9) came to me with an idea. "I want to do something to help the homeless at Christmas, but I don't have a lot of money."

We give each of the kids a small sum to donate at Christmastime, but this impulse felt like something to explore more deeply. So we began to think about the gifts she does have and how she might use them to help others.

It's true---Caroline doesn't have much money in her allowance jar. Instead she will give the gift of time and music. She plans to record a collection of holiday piano music as a way to encourage people to donate, and to say thank you to those who do.

Margaret (age 6) has decided to get involved too, through her interest in drawing.

Please help us prevent and end homelessness through a gift to Homestretch, a non-profit organization that helps people in our very own community.

See our GiveBack page for details, including a list of the thank-you gifts that the girls are creating to send to donors. We hope to raise $500. [Edit: We are almost there after only two days! We may need to increase our goal!]

Donations go directly to GiveBack, which funnels the money to Homestretch, and you receive a donor receipt for tax purposes.We've already seen some donations come in and Caroline is SO excited at each one. She said the first night, "I feel all fizzy inside."

So... go to the link give. You'll feel fizzy too.

Peace and Seasons Greetings...

Fine Print: If you want to claim your gift, you must send me an email with your donor receipt. I cannot tell who has given otherwise. Details on the GiveBack page.