Last Week's Muffin--Apple Pumpkin Ginger, Plus Great Health News!

I didn't get around to making these until Friday, but they turned out so nicely that I thought I'd share after the fact. Also, some great news for folks who are tracking their nutrition. I love MyFitnessPal and have used it for years, but it was tedious to add new recipes to it. Now it has a great new feature in which you can paste a URL of a recipe into their app and it will calculate the calories, fat, etc. This is a killer feature and makes the site SO much more useful:

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 5.44.44 PM

And here they are: Apple Pumpkin Ginger Muffins, from the Baked by Rachel site. My only change is that I melted the butter and mixed by hand rather than creaming the butter and sugar. Also, these muffins need to be stored in the fridge because they are moist.

I don't do the fancy-pants photos and endless narrative that actual cooking sites do. But here's the muffin in all its simple morning glory. (We do bananas with toothpicks when our bananas are starting to get too ripe---somehow they're more palatable that way.)