Lent Starts Next Week. We'll Get You Ready.

3336213146_3985bdd0ef_z A version of this went out to my email list yesterday. Just a few days left to sign up to receive Reflections for Lent! Read on:

It's hard to believe Ash Wednesday is next Wednesday, February 10. But you'll be ready... well, as ready as one can be for the mystery of this holy season leading up to Easter.

I've been working to format the Lent reflections I wrote for Chalice Press in 2012--adding new content and designing a simple document that you can can either print or read on a screen using a clickable table of contents.

This resource will be available for free and only for newsletter subscribers. Thank you for your support and friendship over the years! If you're not an email subscriber and would like to receive it too, subscribe here.

In the meantime, and to tide you over, here are a few articles that have captivated me lately:

Email subscribers will hear from me again early next week. In the meantime, peace be with you.


Image is "Lent 1" from mtgf93, found through Flickr and used under a creative commons license.