Link Love for Kids

Our girls (10 and 7) got iPad minis for Christmas. We agonized over the decision. On the one hand, we wondered whether they were too young to be responsible with Pandora's box. On the other hand, now felt like the perfect time to start teaching them good habits, etiquette and practices. They're young enough that they actually care what we have to say and are interested in learning how to be safe on the Internet. They want to know the rules and follow them. Plus the stakes are low. The only people who email or text them are family. And the videos they make of one another are hilarious.

I still feel mildly panicked about their access to this technology. I ask them to be in the room with me, especially when they're online.

But it's been fun to share links with them. Pre-tween kids love stuff like this:


So in the spirit of sharing fun/educational/amusing stuff with children, here's a special edition of link love, kid-style:

The 30 Happiest Facts of All Time -- Buzzfeed

Note: BE CAREFUL WITH BUZZFEED. There is kid-inappropriate stuff on the site. But there's also more kid-appropriate stuff than you might think. Supervise and verify. This particular link is great: otters hold hands in the water. The guy who does the voice of Mickey Mouse married the gal who does the voice of Minnie. A group of ferrets is called a "business."

And turtles can breathe through their butt.


Macaulay Library -- Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Here you will find thousands of hours of audio and video of birdcalls and birdsong. I heard about this on Studio 360, a great podcast about creativity, pop culture and the arts.


Pitch Drop Experiment Webcam -- University of Queensland

Caroline is obsessed with this webcam since hearing a story on Radiolab. The drop of pitch is supposed to go any time now, and by "any time" it could be months or years, and in the meantime she has schoolwork and life and Flash doesn't even work on her iPad but hey, this is quirky science we're talking about!


Extreme Happiness -- Aleksander Gamme, YouTube

This is an oldie (relatively speaking) but goodie in our house. Alex is a Norwegian guy who did a solo trek across Antarctica and buried food along the way for the return trip. The sheer joy expressed in this video, on day 86 when he is VERY hungry, never fails to give us the giggles.

What's giving you the giggles today?