Meatloaf with a Twist

We are subscribers and big fans of the Six O'Clock Scramble, which is a service that provides five menu ideas each week that are fast, easy, relatively healthy and kid-sympathetic. You can save recipes in a recipe box, search the entire archive, and even create grocery lists. One of my favorite features is that each meal comes with a side dish idea. This doesn't seem that big a deal, except that before the Scramble, we were always buying random vegetables with the intention of using them as a side dish, and never doing so. The yearly subscription isn't cheap, but considering how much less food we throw out, I think we come out ahead.

Today's recipe idea came to us from the Scramble: meatloaf baked in muffin tins. They cook in about half the time as regular meatloaf and are just fun to eat. And if you tend to overdo on this iconic comfort food, the individual servings make it a little easier to regulate yourself. Another bonus for our crowd: some of us like ketchup on top; others don't. With meatloaf muffins you can make a few of each. And they reheat easily.

I'm not going to post the Scramble recipe because it's a no-no, but here's a comparable recipe from