The Metro Doors

The kids got the serious giggles this evening over stories of parental embarrassment and mishap. Then it degenerated into a flurry of beatboxing... which in turn devolved into a burp-boxing contest. A fine time was had by all. This snippet of poem refers to a time I was taking the Metro to a presbytery meeting and had to change trains at Metro Center.

I got off the blue while the red train was boarding, I ran, 'cause I'm not a good waiter. Stuck my leg in the door, and remembered too late Metro doors are not like elevators.

The doors went "chomp! chomp!" on my protruding foot And my shoe fell off as the door closed. I panicked and banged, then it opened again, And I walked on the train, quite composed.

Safe on board, with relief I collected my shoe That the hungry train wanted to chew, But I laughed as I pictured myself hobbling in to my meeting---with only one shoe.