Monday Miscellany

1. Preacher Camp was awesome as usual. I always come back physically exhausted but energized in every other way. 2. Robert gets super props for holding down the fort while I was gone, and not once griping on the phone about it. Caroline was home sick from school on Wednesday, Margaret on Thursday, and James Friday. That's pretty typical when I'm gone.

3. Which means we're bracing for the end of the month, when I go to NEXT Church in Dallas. (Are you going?) Thanks, by the way, to everyone who's sharing ideas about vital congregational structures.

4. I received an e-mail from my editor last week with the marked up manuscript attached. His message was so darn nice and affirming, I can't stop reading it. Really, it's just sitting in my inbox, and I return to it several times a day. I suspect, however, that he was simply cushioning the blow of all. those. comments. Yeah. I'm in denial about those. I need to snap out of it soon, otherwise the publisher's going to call in a few weeks and I'll be all, "What, you need more from me? But he said it was a fun, lively, likable, compelling read!"

Yes, I have it memorized.

5. The Fellowship of Prayer is still available through Chalice, assuming members of my family have not snatched up every last copy. Which is possible. Though it is nice to receive rave reviews from one's Catholic grandmother.

6. Caroline had a great birthday, though a little slapdash since I was away the week before. She'll celebrate with friends this weekend---it's a slumber party, Lord help us. I thought the Presidents Day weekend was good timing for a sleepover, since there will be a long weekend to recuperate.

7. Caroline got a number of lovely things, but her favorites included a panflute I got her from Ten Thousand Villages, and a rock carved into the shape of a heart that has the word STRENGTH etched on it. Got a big hug for that one. Have I mentioned my girl's absolute love for rocks and random musical instruments?

8. An elder in our church preached yesterday. It was nice not to have to get right back into the pulpit after preacher camp, but I actually received a good word from him as well. He's a builder by trade and avocation, and is always doing some kind of work on his house. He said people always ask him, "Won't you be happy when this is all done?" He always says, "I'm happy now."

I tend to be a destination-not-journey person, but of course he's right. There is no "destination" anyway. Not really.