Monday Runday: For the Kids

I'm still here. It's been a very packed few weeks. My book manuscript is due November 1, and I led a conference last week at Montreat Conference Center, which involved preaching six sermons and presenting four plenary presentations. (Yes, I'm thoroughly sick of myself.)

And, I've been marathon training.

After last year's injury, I'm making another go at the Marine Corps Marathon--my second marathon and first time running MCM. I've got one 20 mile training run left, then the rest is taper, rest, good nutrition, and encasing myself in bubble wrap so I don't do dumb stuff like twist my ankle in the shower or drop a full Hydroflask on my toe. (That second one has already happened.)

I'd really like your help making those marathon miles count.

I'm signed up as a charity fundraiser for Teens Run DC, and I'm trying to raise $400 before the race on October 30. I know with your help, I can do it. Here is my fundraising page.

Teens Run DC promotes the physical, social, and emotional well-being of underserved youth through a mentoring and distance running program. Youth in the program participate in running and life skills trainings each week, receive the support of an individual mentor and an embracing community, and engage in races, community events, and service learning opportunities. Through the program, middle and high school youth of all abilities and backgrounds envision and work towards their running and life goals.

I chose to support Teens Run DC because I believe in the power of running to change the lives of young people. I've seen my own three children set goals and achieve them through running.


I've seen them dig deep and cross that finish line with proud smiles.


And I've grown closer to each of them as we log miles together.


Teens Run DC helps bring all these positive benefits to at-risk youth in the city I love--Washington DC, the site of the Marine Corps Marathon.

Please support me in reaching my fundraising goal to foster resilience in our youth!

Learn more about Teens Run DC on their website, Facebook page or on Twitter. Thanks for your support!