Monday Runday: "Retuning" to Running

Returning to Running following an Injury Last Wednesday morning, I got up veeeeeeeeeery early to drive down to Springfield to run with a bunch of my 5 a.m. mama runners. I knew I wanted to be with them for my first run back. They've been such treasured friends over the past year, I knew I wanted to celebrate my return from injury with them.

And if it didn't go well--if the stress fracture site flared up--well, I'd need them there for Mental Health Watch.

It's been a long 12 weeks.

Thankfully, everything went fine and I've run twice since then. Half a mile each time, plus about a mile of walking, with a day of rest in between each workout.

I've got all this pent-up energy (and I'm soooo sick of the pool and the bike) that I want to go full-out. I'm eager to get back to my previous fitness level. It's humbling to go from 120 miles a month to maybe 10.

Plus the fall has been gorgeous.

Returning to Running Following Injury


Returning to Running Following Injury

When I was researching how to train safely following a stress fracture, I ran across an article with a typo in the title. It should have said "returning to running" but it said "retuning." That seemed right though. Like a musical instrument that's fallen out of tune, or a car in need of some TLC.

In theory, the body mends a stress fracture stronger than before. Assuming you're healed, you shouldn't get re-injured in the same spot. But the rest of the body compensates for the hurt place, and that can cause its own problems. Whatever precipitated your injury in the first place needs to be tended to as well.

So I'm returning, and retuning. For me that means continuing to cross train, incorporating more strength work, and at least for now, not running more than three days a week.

What are you retuning these days?