More and Less

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Recently on my blog I shared a post that included a poem by Seth Godin written in early January called “More and Less.” I was captivated by the simplicity and power of his intentions:

More creating

    Less consuming

More leading

    Less following

More contributing

    Less taking

You can read the whole list here.

For me, the beauty of Sabbath—a time set apart for rest, recreation, and renewal—has been the interplay between More and Less… between Yes and No.

Sabbath provides space for us to say Yes to things we normally don’t give ourselves space or permission to do. Sabbath also gives us license to say No to things that drain our energy or distract us from our true north… or simply things that we get enough of the rest of the week!

Anyway, Seth’s words led me to create my own “more and less” list for this season of my life:

More questioning

    Less declaring

More courage

    Less calculation

More improvisation

    Less rigidity

More depth

    Less trivia

More analog

    Less digital

More books

    Less skimming

More empathy

    Less assumption

What would your more/less list include?


Image is from the Improvised Life, where I first discovered the poem by Seth Godin.