New Website

Hi there folks,

Chalice Press and I have launched a new website for the book,, found here.

(A friend of mine scanned that address and thought it said "Sabbath Thin." Is that like a wheat thin, she asked? :-) )

Right now I'm updating the book site every day until launch, which is September 30. So I'll be blogging a little less here. After launch, I'll be posting both here and there, but less frequently---maybe once or twice a week in each place.

The Blue Room will continue to be the place for random stuff that flits around in my head, and of course, Friday Link Love. The book site will touch on Sabbath topics more specifically.

I'm hoping not to feel too splinched by this. I'm trying to think of it as a summer home and a winter home!

Thanks, as always, for reading. It's an honor to have the gift of your time, attention, and thoughtfulness.