NEXT Church Blog Roundup

OK. I had every intention of taking notes (graphical or otherwise) during the NEXT Conference, but I got totally caught up in what was going on---the ideas, the conversations, the tweets---that I just plumb didn't. Kinda like when you go on vacation and don't take any pictures because you're having too much fun.

So in lieu of notes, here are some reactions from around the blogosphere for interested folks to peruse. I will post my own reaction later---not so much a post-mortem as a specific comment about Open Space, which is something we've started doing here in National Capital Presbytery and we got a taste of at the conference.

And of course, a regular Friday Link Love will be on tap for tomorrow.

The roundup:

What's Next PCUSA: Living in the Wilderness -- Theresa Cho

NEXT Church 2012 -- Adam Copeland

NEXT Church Pts. 1 - 3 -- Robert Austell (he's written three posts so I'm linking to his homepage, not a specific post)

NEXT Church... Just Whelmed -- Wendy Bailey (I wish she'd been able to stay until the next day!)

Prototypes and Process Modalities -- Rocky Supinger (this is part 1, looks like there will be a part 2 to come)

NEXT Church 2012 -- John Vest

The Church Come of Age -- Fritz Risch

NEXT Church 2012, A Twenty-First Century Revival -- Mary Harris Todd

If there are others, please let me know.