Now the Story's a Part of You: Explore Biblical Storytelling with Casey FitzGerald


Here's a resource for ministry and for personal enrichment that I want you to know about!

My friend Casey FitzGerald is a biblical storyteller. What this means is that she learns stories from the Bible by heart and tells them to audiences and congregations. Casey is also a pastor, and she's created Faith and Wonder, a wonderful website that includes videos of stories being told plus a wealth of fantastic resources, including additional information about the text and reflections questions for individuals or groups.

If you've experienced biblical storytelling as a listener or a practitioner, you know that the story comes to life in a way that it often doesn't when someone simply reads it. There are pauses. There are gestures. There are interpretive decisions. There are nuances. There is humor (gasp!).

For years I've wanted to go through the training and certification process offered by the Network of Biblical Storytellers. So much cool stuff, so little time... But the next best thing is to just start learning some stories, and Casey helps you learn how. I've learned several stories over the years. It's a devotional practice, to let those words seep into you. And for those of you who lead worship, it can enliven your worship services.

Check out Faith and Wonder, and thank you for your great site, Casey!

photo credit: Ines Seidel via photopin cc