Photoblogging Collegeville: Word Count

For a variety of reasons, I'm writing The Sabbath Year using Evernote. It's blazing fast, auto-saves constantly, and I like the way it lets me organize and search for things easily. And the note history, which lets you see earlier versions, is so good, easy to use, and it stays nicely hidden until you need it. I personally can't imagine using anything else. The only thing it's missing is word count. Word count is a blessing and curse for me. Watching the numbers tick upwards makes me start to write towards the counter... and not want to cut anything. On the other hand, it's really an essential.

The good folks at Evernote have implemented word count on the Windows version, and I'm hopeful it will come to the Mac soon. In the meantime, I found a script for Firefox that will display a word count in the web version of Evernote. (Trivia: the script was written by Lore Sjoberg, who used to write for the fantastic humor site Brunching Shuttlecocks, now sadly defunct.)

This afternoon I spent a little time going through my chapters, vignettes and snippets and here's what I've got: