Please Support Ronald McDonald House

Nothing like achieving two milestones in the same week... Friday (Lord willing) I turn in my manuscript.

Saturday I run my first race. The chocolate is a gimmick, but hey, it worked on me!

I was excited to see that the race's official charity is the Ronald McDonald House. We have a dear family in our church in Minneapolis right now, staying at Ronald McDonald House while their son receives a bone-marrow transplant. (He's at Day +8 and has a ever-so-slightly-positive white blood cell count! Woohoo!)

The RMH has been a fantastic home away from home for this family. I had no idea what an incredible resource they provide for families.

I know it's short notice, but I'd love to be able to report some good fundraising to our Tiny Church family who have benefitted so much from RMH's hospitality. Some folks have been giving me checks, but if you'd like to support RMH online, click here.