Reverb #10: Wisdom

December 10: Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out? It's so hard to know the impact of our decisions. I'm with David Wilcox. He introduces his song "Hold It Up to the Light" by talking about the "thousand little decisions" that get us where we are. We focus on the big roads diverged in a yellow wood, but what about the tiny calibrations along the way?

I made some big decisions this year, including the decision to say no to some things that allowed me to say yes to some other stuff. But the decision that has brought the most happiness is the decision to convert our dining room into a study/craft room that we call the blue room, which is where this blog gets its name. You can read about it here.

Here's the thing about me. I like the idea of creative space and messiness in which experimentation can happen and projects can grow, but I don't like clutter. At all. I can put that positively and say that I desire outward order because it helps me have inner peace. (Thank you Gretchen Rubin.) But really, I'm just anal. So the blue room is perfect because it can stay untidy... because it's supposed to. Then when I need to get away from the dried Play-Doh pebbles on the floor or hole-punch confetti, I have the uncluttered living room as an escape.

Right now our table has various materials on it from our Christmas projects, as well as a kit for a gingerbread village that we'll get to. It's a happy jumble.

We wondered how we would do without a formal dining room. Thanksgiving was our first time to try that out since the room was transformed back in January. It's a bit of a loss, to be sure---the kitchen table is smaller, and it's not quite as lovely to have a nice dinner with the pots and pans crusting over in full view---but it went fine. What is gained is much better than what was lost.