Riding the Rails

Riding the Rails I'm on the Amtrak Northeast Regional, headed for Scotch Plains, NJ where I will preach at Willow Grove Presbyterian tomorrow morning and lead a workshop for the community in the afternoon. (Many thanks to my friend Denise Anderson for preaching for the good folks of Tiny Church tomorrow morning!)

It was a stressful day getting to this point---I'll spare you the boring details---but there's nothing like a train ride to calm the mind and lull a person into a lovely Sabbathy space. I can see why Amtrak's writing residencies are so popular. Some day...

I write and talk in workshops about creating margins in our lives. I get a bit frantic without a buffer between this thing and that thing. Unfortunately, I have not done well at margins lately. But as grace would have it, my host in NJ suggested the train, even though I could easily drive. And I'm glad she did. Train travel is a buffer experience. (Oh look, there goes Wilmington!)

October is a big month for our household. Robert has some travel, I have a couple of speaking events I'm really looking forward to in Alexandria, VA and Austin, TX, and our church's 100th anniversary is happily upon us. Oh, and did I mention our 20th wedding anniversary? It will all zip by if we are not intentional about creating some breathing space in between those good but immovable objects. Wish us luck... and I wish you luck & grace too, for the living of your days.


photo credit: ...-Wink-... via photopin cc