Sabbath Molasses

latestMy friend Becca passed this along to me. It's a poem/prayer by Steve Garnaas-Holmes on his Unfolding Light blog. Go there. Yes... yes. I needed this. Today would have been my father's 66th birthday. It is a rock-em-sock-em day... but in the midst of it, I will remember him.

God, I am rushing, just brushing by, passing my life on the street without greeting, breathless and ceaseless, skimming my life without taking it in, distracted and fractured and shallow.

Be the lead in my life, the molasses, the waist-deep snow. Be the awkward weight, the icy walk, the dark room with rearranged furniture that forces me to go slow and pay attention. Give me a weak heart, a breathing condition that makes me pause now and then and begin again, slowly. Be my fine print, a foreign language so I lean forward, listening to each word. Be the unseen voice for which I look around, the smell of baking bread that makes me back up to an open door. Be my stillness, my Sabbath, my stopping, the Enough that it is to be here. Even as I go, give me courage to give up, to accomplish nothing, to get deeply, truly nowhere at all but here.

Photo: the pitch drop experiment, with which my girls are obsessed.