Should I Give Up Facebook?

Temporarily, that is. Next week I will be on a writing retreat from Tuesday-Saturday. I'll write more about that later; suffice to say I'm all agog for this opportunity to get started on the book in earnest.

The place I'm going has Wi-Fi, which is such a mixed blessing, of course. It will be great to FaceTime with my kids and with Robert, who is making this whole thing possible. And I will peek into e-mail every so often. But what about Facebook? It can be a gigantic timesuck, but it's also a lifeline to friends and family. I created a bunch of lists in FB which reduces the amount of time I'm on it, so I'm not worried about squandering my time away. Still, part of me wants to go whole hog and stay completely off social media while I'm gone. It is a retreat, after all, albeit a working one.

I was lamenting to a friend that there was no way to temporarily suspend a FB account and he said, "Sure there is. Just have Robert change your password. That way you can't get in." He's an evil genius!

So... what do you think? Should I tell Robert to lock me out?

What would you do?