Soundtrack for the Rapture

I stole this idea from NPR, but thought it would be a fun post for this, the Friday before The End of All Things. What song would you play for the rapture? Style points will be deducted for suggesting the REM song, as well as Blondie's "Rapture." A little too on-the-nose, doncha think? I want to hear your choices. Here's my playlist. It's short, because c'mon, we're not going to get much warning.

1. "Last Night of the World," Bruce Cockburn OK, maybe this one is a little on-the-nose too. But champagne this evening sounds pretty good.

2. "End of the World (again)," David Wilcox This is from his latest album and as such is a newcomer to the whole armageddon genre:

All that evolution since we crawled out of the slime Indebted to everything that made me If this is as high as we are ever gonna climb We can just sit back and be lazy.

3. "City of Blinding Lights," U2 Hey, it's about the New Jerusalem, right? The song also figured prominently in Obama's presidential campaign... and let's be honest, he's really the reason we're sliding into oblivion as a planet. #obamaistheantichrist

4. Hell's Bells, AC/DC Enough said.

5. "The End," Beatles The love you take is equal to the love you make. Although man, it's so hard to pull this track out from the rest of Abbey Road, so you might need to listen to the whole album. You could do worse.

6. "Parting Words," composed by Michael Giacchino for the LOST soundtrack This has all the majesty and apocalypticism you could possibly want. Beautiful, soaring stuff and appropriate for when the rapture party is over and the serious stuff starts to go down. As long as it goes down in slow motion.