Rice Owls Write! And Compose, and Edit...

Houston friends! You are invited to a reception at Rice University next week, honoring members of the Rice University community who have written a book, composed a piece of music, etc.: ATT00034


I won't be able to be there, but as a proud graduate of Rice*, I'm excited to be on this list.

I wouldn't have even known about this event, except that I got an email from someone asking for the discussion guide. She wanted it for her Sunday School class, but I noticed in her email signature that she worked at Rice. We struck up a conversation---she didn't know I was an alum when she first wrote me---and when this Friends of Fondren event came up, she was kind enough to forward me the information.

People are so lovely.

*"Those who say Rice is Houston's Harvard should be told that Harvard is the Rice of the Northeast." -George Will, in a moment of clarity.