Ten for Tuesday

Here we go! 1. Downhills at the Tour de France Test Cyclists Against Time, Danger and One Another

This story is a couple years old, but a friend posted it in a multisport FB group I'm in. Fascinating story about the harrowing downhills that cyclists face and how they handle them. And I get freaked out by a 7% grade! I can't imagine 70 mph on a bike.


2. Free Yourself of Your Harshest Critic, and Plow Ahead

Sound advice for people who want to create:


3. Enough "Virgin in the Volcano" Theology

Our churchy link of the week. My friend Jim Somerville offers a pointed critique of the idea that God demanded payment for our sins through Jesus' death on the cross.


4. My Body Doesn't Belong to You

My girlfriends lean in a little closer and say: “Oh Heather, please tell the story again. Tell us how you and Lyle met.”

“Well,” I begin, taking one last sip of Bloody Mary. “I was walking down the street when Lyle drove by and yelled, ‘Hey, baby!’ and asked me to have sex with him. And I thought, ‘This one’s a keeper.’”

Such behavior is not about me. It’s not about love. It’s not even about sex. It is about fear and power. What certain men gain from feeding on such things, I do not know, and I do not want to know.

Riveting and real.


5. Philly OB/GYN Delivers Baby Gorilla

This is so wonderful, and a great example of improv: taking the tools and skills you have for one task and repurposing them for something else: “For the most part, I was in the moment, doing what I do every day.” Yes. (And.)


6. Dad Said When You're Gone, You're Gone. He Was Wrong.

This is a beautiful reflection about the people who leave us, but who also stay indelibly behind.


7. Man Fashions Fabulously Tiny Hats for Toad Who Visits His Porch Every Day

And why shouldn't he???


8. Adam West Saved Batman. And Me.

NPR's Glen Weldon is one of my favorite writers and commentators on pop culture. I wasn't a big Batman fan, but this is a touching article.


9. Polluted Water Popsicles: Faux Frozen Treats Highlight Taiwan’s Water Pollution Problem

Art at its most subversive:

Focused on environmental change rather than flavor, art students Hung I-chen, Guo Yi-hui, and Cheng Yu-ti from the National Taiwan University of the Arts concocted a line of “frozen treats” titled Polluted Water Popsicles. The group collected polluted water from 100 locations in Taiwan, first freezing the collected sewage samples and then preserving their creations in polyester resin.



10. C.S. Lewis’s Greatest Fiction Was Convincing American Kids That They Would Like Turkish Delight

What would the perfect fantasy treat look like? Depending on where you’re from, probably not this.

What did you imagine Turkish Delight tasted like when you read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? I read the book for the first time as an adult (I know, I know) and I don't remember having any opinion or image in mind--maybe a baklava-ish thing. But when I was a child, I imagined that the biblical "manna" tasted like crumbs of Duncan Hines yellow cake.

And, "almost-solid perfume" is the perfect description of how Turkish Delight tastes to me.