Ten for Tuesday--Tanned, Rested, and Ready Edition

Happy Tuesday! I'm back from vacation in the Florida Keys with Robert and the kids. The last time all five of us got away together for an entire week was summer 2015, when I was chaplain at the Presbyterian House in Chautauqua. Which was a bit of a busman's holiday. This was a true vacation, and much needed. And as often happens during these getaways, I got tremendous clarity on some vocational things, including what my next book will be about. Sabbath time is powerful that way!

Ten for Tuesday was on hiatus last week, so I've been sitting on these links for a while. They're still good though!

1. Turtles!! A highlight of last week's trip to the Keys was touring the Turtle Hospital, which has been rescuing, rehabbing and returning sea turtles for decades. I've always loved turtles, and these animals were truly special. Some had survived being hit by boats AND being attacked by sharks. Most of them are returned to their natural habitats, but five turtles are permanent residents, one of which we "adopted" in honor of Easter and in lieu of big Easter baskets.



2. José M. Hernández’s journey to space lasted over two decades. The son of Mexican migrant workers was rejected 11 times by NASA before becoming a part of the 19th class of astronauts in 2004:



3. Teaching Our Children to 'Stay Soft' in a World that Wants to Toughen Them Up

This hits close to home. When I went to pick up our cats from boarding yesterday, James opted not to go with me, because it makes him sad to hear them meowing in their carriers on the way home.



4. Plans for the 2017 Ragnar Relay DC are underway! Our team is mostly formed, and under a new name, That Time Clark Tried to Kill Me ;-)

I loved this photo from Ragnar's Instagram. The night run is one of the things that makes Ragnar special.



5. Did Reddit Solve the Problem of Online Hate Speech?

Oh, if wishing made it so. Still, this was a VERY cool experiment, starting with a blank "canvas" of pixels and these instructions:

There is an empty canvas. You may place a tile upon it, but you must wait to place another. Individually you can create something. Together you can create something more.

I am certain there are connections to improv in this experiment. In any event, read about what happened. It's fascinating, quirky and hopeful.



6. Author Nancy Schlossberg frames aging well as an act of improvisation 

Speaking of improv! I appreciated the connections between improv and "reframing," and the kaleidoscope is a rich image--sometimes the tiniest shift can lead to a whole new picture.


7. The Most Famous Book That Takes Place in Every State

Many quibbles with this list: What makes a book "famous"? Shouldn't Texas's choice be Terms of Endearment? And can't North Carolina do better than a Nicholas Sparks novel? Still, lots to add to your reading list! A 50-states reading goal would be fun.


8. Parents, It's Time to Get Out of the Way and Let Your Kids Just Play

When I speak to groups about Sabbath, I sometimes include a module entitled "Why Sabbath is Good for Children." This article is along those lines.

As a parent, I get it--unstructured play can be messy; there are conflicts; kids can get bumps and bruises. And with so many two-parent households, structured, supervised activities become a child-care necessity. Still--get out of your kids' business as much as you can and let them play!


9. Moody Views of a Frigid Chicago by Mike Meyers

Courtesy of Colossal, some lovely views of one of my favorite cities:



10. And finally, a little resurrection note, courtesy of my friend Roy Howard and Roberta Bondi: