Ten for Tuesday: Eye Candy and Posts to Ponder

Here are 10 things that captivated me this week. Lots of visual stuff! 1. This guy makes sweaters with designs of different places, then goes to those places and takes a photo while wearing it:


2. I love Elizabeth Gilbert's practice of writing down moments of happiness on slips of paper and keeping them in a huge jar when she needs a little boost.

3. Why do I adore improv? Because it's fun and can change your life. And it can help all kinds of people, including kids with autism.

4. The Impossible Cool is a favorite site, featuring photos and quotes of amazing people. Here's Keith Haring:

“I am a necessary part of an important search to which there is no end.” Keith Haring.

5. Witenry (Adam Hillman) is a must-follow on Instagram, and this one spoke to me. We are the art, and we are the instrument.


6. Stephen McMennamy does Photoshopped mashups, combining images together in whimsical ways. Check out Colossal for a whole collection. My favorite:


7. Writer and filmmaker Kevin Smith shared a note he received at age 19 from the mother of an ex-girlfriend. It said, "Kevin Smith will never be a famous writer. He does not have the drive. I do wish luck." See the note and read his response on Facebook. (Hat tip to Dan Blank, whose weekly emails are a useful boost of mojo for creative professionals.)

8. My friend Janet posted this article last week: You probably know to ask yourself, “What do I want?” Here’s a way better question. And the question is: "What pain do you want in your life? What are you willing to struggle for?" It reminded me of a while back, when I was interviewing for a high profile job that would have meant a quantum leap in responsibilities. I felt I could do it, but was I called to? I ultimately removed my name from consideration, having decided it wasn't mine to do. When friends asked me about it, I said, "Those weren't my ulcers." I'm not sure whether that was original or not, but the article goes down a similar path. For what are you willing to suffer?

9. Cookies! Caroline got the Dorie Greenspan Cookie cookbook for Christmas. It's gigantic and gorgeous. (OK, I was the one who bought it for her.) We have an unofficial resolution to bake a cookie a week. Last week was chocolate waffle cookies with ice cream and chocolate sauce, which I requested for my birthday. This week was chocolate pecan pie cookie bars:


A bootleg copy of the recipe is here, but please buy the book if you're so inclined.

10. (A personal one) Friends. I've been sailing aboard the Friend-Ship a lot this week. Had lunch today with the mid-Atlantic contingent of my beloved lectionary group. And this weekend, Robert and I head to Bermuda with a group of running besties and a few of their spouses, to run all of the miles. I'm sticking with the half on Sunday, but there's a one miler Friday and a 10K Saturday as well.