Ten for Tuesday: Here's Some Virtual Serotonin!

Happy Tuesday! Or... maybe not?

We were a little sad to be getting back to the routine after such a nice long break. I had a great birthday yesterday, but it was also the de-decorating day, which happens sometimes with a January 2 birthday. Boo. Plus one of our kitties died last week.

So here's some stuff that's making me feel good. Hope it brightens your day as well.

1. In the Moment: Photographs from 2016. Some beautiful shots here from the world of performing and visual arts, from the New York Times.

Misty Copeland and fellow members of American Ballet Theater in “Firebird” in May. Credit Andrea Mohin/The New York Times

2. I love the way this family does Christmas cards. Every year they go looking for street signs corresponding to the new year. They even found a Highway 2016 for last year! (Free registration required to access the article.)

3. I recently wrote a post highlighting books written by friends, and I forgot one! Roy Howard has a book of photos and reflections from the Camino de Santiago. Check out Walking in Love: My Journey Along the Camino de Santiago.

4. Dorothy Oger's poem I Will Stand for Love is a good rallying cry for the coming year.

I shall stand for love, for the world is wounded. Not just my little piece of land, where I am mostly safe, where I am mostly well, but our world, everyhwere. Every day.

More at the link.

5. Or if you need further inspiration for 2017, take it away Doris Lessing:


6. How Parents and Teachers Can Nurture the "Quiet Power" of Introverts. An interview with Susan Cain, and an especially good read after spending two weeks with our Order Muppets, who seemed (mostly) content to read and do solitary things.

7. Fitting in Cardboard. My friend Dan Blank sent this along recently and I found it very moving:


8. The Most Common Practices of Super Achievers. This a little Type A for a list of happy joyful things, but these are pretty good general life practices too.

9. This was a bittersweet article, "Frog and Toad: An Amphibious Celebration of Same-Sex Love."

10. Our family loves Simon's Cat. We watched this new one this morning, called Bed Sheets.


Bonus: The reaction to "Still Possible." It's been wonderful to hear from people who are using my 2016/2017 workbook-playbook. One reader wrote, "I am going on retreat for a couple of days in the middle of January and this is THE perfect thing to take with me." Another: "Thank you MaryAnn for putting this booklet together. I love it because it helps me reflect on little things that I don’t usually think about and come to realize how important they really are!" Get yours by subscribing here.