Ten for Tuesday: Here's Your Joy Inoculation!

Let's get going: 1. All That We Share: courtesy of Denmark TV, the best three minutes you'll spend today.



2. Things You Can Control, courtesy of Think Grow Prosper (posted on Improvised Life)



3. Teen Suicide Attempts Fell as Same-Sex Marriage Became Legal

Teen suicide attempts in the U.S. declined after same-sex marriage became legal and the biggest impact was among gay, lesbian and bisexual kids, a study found.

The research found declines in states that passed laws allowing gays to marry before the Supreme Court made it legal nationwide. The results don't prove there's a connection, but researchers said policymakers should be aware of the measures' potential benefits for youth mental health.

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for all U.S. teens. Suicidal behavior is much more common among gay, lesbian and bisexual kids and adults; about 29 percent of these teens in the study reported attempting suicide, compared with just 6 percent of straight teens.

Love wins.


4. Using Improv to Help Kids with Autism. Yes!!

"What improv really does is create a safe and fun and authentic environment in which to practice, where mistakes really don't matter," says Jim Ansaldo, a research scholar at Indiana University.

Ansaldo runs Camp Yes And, an improv summer camp for teens with autism. He says improv-specific programs for children with autism are rare — he knows of about a half dozen — but their number is growing.

He refers to improv as a technology for human connection and communication.

And Janna Graf, Shaw's mom, says she has seen how it has helped her son.

She says he can ramble, but recently she saw him introduce himself at a church group: "He said, 'My name's Shaw; I'm 8-years-old,' and then he actually took his hands and waved it to the next person," Graf says. "He's learning to wait."


5. A UFO Abduction on the Streets of Dresden by OakOak

Speaking of improv, I LOVE OakOak's art, and I share it often in my improv workshops--it's a great example of taking something mundane or even ugly and "Yes-anding" it. Here is one of his latest:



6. How Much Do Cats Actually Kill? by The Oatmeal

We like to call Baxter and Rey "God's Perfect Killing Machines." Of course our cats are inside cats, so the most they're killing are catnip toys, dustbunnies and laser pointers. But I maintain that you can tell if someone's a cat person based on whether they see this quality as a feature or a bug:

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 9.10.44 AM


7. Alan H. Green sings "Nobody's Listening." 

I'm sinfully proud of my friend Alan Green, Broadway actor. (We were in a show together in college and he graciously calls me his "first leading lady," but we all pretty much basked in his incredible talent.) Here he is singing a song from a show amusingly called "How to Steal an Election." Start around 3:00 to get right to the song.



8. Cookies! I continue to bake my way through Dorie Greenspan's Cookies cookbook, which is delicious fun. But I'm also keeping track of what I bake each week and for whom--which has been a great way of marking the weeks of this year. Our latest was Two Bite One Chip Cookies, which are fun to make with kids.


9. Building a Park: Tons of us love Humans of New York on Facebook and Instagram. This one from Brazil touched me especially.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 9.01.33 AM


10. Superheroes! Japanese photographer Hotkenobi has put together some whimsical shots using action figures. Many more at the link, but here's my favorite: